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Getting Rid of Ants

If ants are invading your kitchen and living area, there are a number of safe and natural products that will get rid of them without harming children or pets.

Salt, cayenne pepper, cream of tartar or cinnamon all act as repellents when sprinkled on trails, around door and window sills or any other points of entry. Some other safe products you can use are baby powder, ground bay leaves or cloves, chalk and black pepper.

Ants hate vinegar. To make a bug spray, fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. Spray obvious ant trails and around baseboards, door jambs, window sills, sliding door tracks.

For more drastic measures that will kill them off but are still safe methods to use inside your home, sprinkle instant grits or active dry yeast mixed with sugar. Ants will carry this back to their nest and the grits will kill any that eat it because it expands in their digestive tract.

For destroying colonies outside you can make an ant bait out of half confectioner's sugar and half baking soda. Put this in a shallow container such as a jar lid - lightly cover with foil to keep dry.

Some ants prefer protein to sugar. In that case, make a paste consisting of equal parts Borax laundry detergent and peanut butter or grease from frying bacon, chicken, hamburger, etc. Put mixture into an empty cardboard container from sour cream or yoghurt. Replace lid and punch holes in sides close to bottom.

You can drench ant hills with full strength ammonia or with boiling water. Another proven method is to sprinkle mounds with artificial sweetener, dry grits or cornmeal. Replace after it rains.

If you have no children or pets that might get into it, you can also purchase commercially prepared ant baits that work well to get rid of fire ants in your yard. These are designed to target the queen. Bait treatment takes a little time, but it is sure to destroy the colony once the queen dies. No queen - no nest.

To keep ants out of your flower or vegetable garden, scatter citrus peelings around - they won't kill, but will keep the ants away.

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