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Bugs and more Bugs

Where are all the bugs coming from - why are they invading our homes and gardens? Truth is, no matter how diligent you are, creepy-crawlies are everywhere. It can be a real challenge to deter or eliminate them.

All of us have encountered the most common household bug varieties such as ants parading in the kitchen, roaches lurking in cabinets and fleas on your pets and in your carpets. Then there are garden pests that help themselves to your vegetables or seek and destroy your shrubs, flowers and ornamentals outside.

In order to eradicate them, some of the more persistent and hard to control pests will require the help of professional exterminators to do the job right. Others can be controlled with simple home-made remedies designed to run them off or do them in.

There are also many commercial chemical insecticides, baits and bug killers readily available in handy spray cans as well as liquid, powder and granular forms.

We would like to share with you articles and information on how you can combat common household bugs and garden pests. Please select a critter from the menu to read more about it.

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